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  • The common types of wear in precision parts machining mainly include run-in wear, hard particle wear, surface fatigue wear, thermal wear, phase change wear, and hydrodynamic wear.
  • Precision parts processing mainly involves processing some very high-precision parts. These parts are used in different application industries. The machining accuracy of three precision parts will directly affect the measurement parameters. The measurement accuracy can be used according to different situations. So let's talk about the methods to operate as follows:
  • Precision CNC machining is performed using a vertical CNC machine tool, which can meet basic material processing requirements. When processing, it is necessary to pay attention to tightening the cuffs, and the operator should stand in a safe position to avoid moving parts of the machine tool and chip splashes. Next, let's introduce the precision CNC machining method. Pay attention to the following details:
  • In the process standard design of CNC precision parts processing, the correct selection of positioning data has a crucial impact on ensuring the processing requirements of CNC precision parts and arranging the processing sequence reasonably.
  • During CNC machining of aluminum, the main materials commonly used for cutting tools and fixtures include high-speed steel, cemented carbide, end mills, etc; The specific types and materials of cutters and fixtures are selected based on the properties of the aluminum alloy material being processed and the geometric shape of the workpiece. The materials used in some typical aluminum CNC machining are detailed as follows:
  • "The appearance of products made by CNC machining and powder metallurgy is similar, but insiders know that CNC machining is more expensive than powder metallurgy, so why choose CNC machining to manufacture products?"? The following information is the difference between them:
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